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Welcome to one of the best Online board game Checkers. Checkers is the family member of board games family. Play checkers online for free here with an instruction guide as well.”
Checkers is a board game played between two player, as online you can play it with any opponent or it can be robot as well. Board consist of blocks in which 12 checkers to each player is assigned. Players have to make the moves and capture the opponent checker , as moves played in checker is forward diagonal direction one space at a time. Player will start moving their checkers and at a point the checkers of another player comes diagnolly to yours and if there is vacant space in same direction than player can make a jump and it will capture the checker also , this is the technique to capture the checker of opponent and capture as much as they can and player with all checkers over the board in the end will win the game.
During the play if you can move your checker to your opponent side and make possible reach to the end than that checker will become the king as it will be empower as king and it can function in both forward and backward diagonally direction. Becoming the ruler of kingdom makes you more efficient as either in the kingdom or the game of board king has its powers and these powers will help you to capture the checkers of the opponent team and swipe out all the checkers of another player.
Playing Checkers online will eventually helps you to more attentive during the play as you have to make moves of each checker which will not let opponent to capture it. Player have to use their own strategy to capture the checkers of another player and with many strategy at each move will decide the winner of the game as in the end player having his checker on board will win the game. You can try you attentive mind and on time skills which will help you to decide which move is profitable for you to win the game, Free board is available here no need to worry we will not charge you a penny just play and enjoy.